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IRSCA Gifted Education with the support of the International Association of Contemporary Art «d. fleiss & east west artists» – Stuttgart (Germany) is pleased to invite you to

VERNISSAGE of the International Exhibition
Pay It Forward

THURSDAY, 22 OCTOBER, 18.30 Vernescu House Gallery, 133 Calea Victoriei, Bucharest.

The exhibition will feature works of contemporary art donated by artists and philanthropists from around the world to support the establishing of the first Center for Gifted Education for the discovery and development of talent and intelligence, for children with high ability.

Exhibition Curator: Prof. Dorothea Fleiss, director of the Association «d. fleiss & east west artists»

The exhibition will be presented by curator Prof. Dorothea Fleiss, director of the association «d. fleiss & east west artists» – Stuttgart. Those present will be delighted with contemporary classical music played by Ana Limban (violin), member of excellence, IRSCA Gifted Education.

We want to thank the International Association of Contemporary Art «d. fleiss & east west artists» – Stuttgart, the artists and donors, and especially  Prof. Dorothea Fleiss, International Honorary Ambassador of the Gifted Education Center for the exceptional support provided to achieve this exhibition.

The Association continues to receive works of art without limit of time
(details: ) to achieve this wonderful goal.

Donors (in alphabetical order):

ERENUS Özlem Kalkan
FLEISS Dorothea
GANDOUIN Joëlle Claudel
KOSELA Tadeusz
OPREA Maia Ştefana
PAN Ping Yu
RADU Mihai Bogdan
ŢÂR Aurel
TOGNAQ Anne (Maria Antoniac)
TOLAN Vasile

The exhibition can be visited from October 22 to October 29, 2009.

THURSDAY, 29 OCTOBER, 18.30 to
Vernescu House invite you to


RSVP to email or 0729-029484.

„[..]Sponsoring children with high ability is a unique way to participate actively or passively, to the recovery of the native human potential of intelligence and sensitivity. By participating in the great project of superintelligences, you can fulfill your childhood’s dream: you are one step closer to everything you have ever dreamed! „- Gheorghe PĂRĂŞCAN, 2009.

„I decided to be involved in this project because I have been teaching at the University of Art and Design in Cluj and worked for a long time with the young talented and very talented. Unfortunately we live in a world where the only acceptable value is money, the only one that makes the difference. Many Gifted children are lost due to harsh conditions they live, and the poor conditions that their parents can offer in their support. I learned that by providing support to a child or a young Gifted, you give them confidence and the wings so that they can fly. We can not even imagine how high they will be able to soar.” – Andor KŐMIVES, 2009.

„I am very happy to Donate for this cause to assist and elevated Gifted Children. My painting „Sun Landscape” is an acrylic on canvas painting with a Metal Frame. It was inspired by the reflection of the sun in Blue and green water near the Sand Bar with the Blue Moon in the Far Right Corner. Best wishes for your Fundraising. „- Mary NASH, July, 2009

„I think cultural values are all the more harder to assimilate by our society, a society where consumerism has occupied by force, one by one, all frequencies that could resonate with artistic creation. From here prompted the revolver in my painting – the leitmotiv born from self-defense of the artist’s attitude towards the consumerism aggression to which the artist is exposed every day, on the dark streets or in the spotlight through the media or in the daily interaction with the others. „- CUZINA, 2009

„I think the creation act as a living phenomenon, whose program is inside of us; the program the better we succeed in discovering and closely following, the more the result of our work becomes alive, being able to prompt appropriate reactions.” – Vasile TOLAN, 2009.


Casino Palace
Casa Vernescu

About Casa Vernescu Art Gallery

Casa Vernescu Art Gallery was opened 7 years ago and held with more than 40 exhibitions of painting, drawing and sculpture.
Opened in 1995, Casino Palace is the most elegant casino in Romania. Located on Calea Victoriei 133, Casa Vernescu , the casino draws the unique atmosphere of the Bucharest palace built in 1821, now a historical monument with a special architecture.
Casino Palace Bucharest is part of Queenco Leisure International (QLI), a company listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). QLI has more entertainment centers in Europe, the most important being the Club Hotel Casino Lutraki in Greece.



About the International Association of Contemporary Art «D.F.E.W.A.» – Stuttgart
Several western and eastern artists founded the Non Profit Association „d. fleiss & east-west artists e. V.” for professional artists, in January 1998. The purpose of our association is to establish a working basis for the cooperation between artists from eastern and western countries. Our aim is to encourage and to improve the cultural and the artistic exchange between outstanding artists originating from different historical backgrounds, defined by eastern and western countries, respectively. A great impact to achieve this aim is granted by artists from all around the world being in close contact to each other and to our association. each other and to our association.


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